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Take Kids Outside! 13 ways to Create Order

As a teacher, the idea of taking a group of students outside can be a beautiful way to explore how to engage your class in a novel space and empower all types of learners to thrive. Below are some tips from Michigan PLT that we just had to share so you can confidently take students to explore Hawaii's fields and forests.

1. Be enthusiastic. It’s catchy!

2. Be firm. You are in charge.

3. Set limits and explain rules. In the beginning, let the students know what is and is not expected of them.

4. Be consistent. Enforce your rules.

5. Reward good behavior.

6. Try choosing a disruptive student to help you. Use him or her as a materials carrier, official recorder, or your assistant in some manner. Most often this responsibility, activity and positive attention will eliminate behavior before they start.

7. Sit the group in a circle when you want attention.

8. Listen to your students. Let them know you are interested in what they have to say.

9. Be patient with every student’s questions.

10. If the entire group is getting out of control, sit them down and choose a quiet activity.

11. If you sense your group needs to “blow off some steam,” give them a five-minute break.

12. Never threaten a student with something you do not plan to carry out.

13. Do not penalize the entire group because of the behavior of one student.

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