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Farmers of all types use pesticides - organic and non.  Our goal is to ensure people have the knowledge and tools to use them safely. 

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This program provides trainings, grants, and technical assistance for farmers working on 1 acre or more.  Our goal in to support safe, abundant food production to advance sustainable agriculture on Oahu.

Through Together We Farm, OACA provides farmers, ranchers, and landowners access to training that can improve farming practices, increase yield, and increase sustainable land practices.  In addition, Together We Farm offers mini-grants to participants.

Participants can attend one or all of the workshops. We recommend participating in the series for greatest knowledge gain, access to experts, and potential impacts on your farm/ranch as well as greater grant opportunities. 


Grants up to $2,500 per farmer were awarded in program year 1 resulting in over $9,000 farmer/rancher direct grants. We secured $25,000 to offer farmer/rancher direct grants in 2020.

Year two of Together We Farm secured funding to offer a second year of workshops and Farmer-direct grants.  Programs are in development and will wrap up in May of 2020.  Programs include:

  • Soil Health and Nutrient Management: soil test kit included

  • Pesticide Safety: safety demo and equipment raffle

  • Worker Protection Standard: WPS kits and signage

Participants will receive:
Program implementation and/or safety kits, access to up to $2500 in grant awards, a network of partners/support and translation and interpretation.  

Workshops will be hosted in Chinese and English.  Our program has one-on-one and group support for Thai speakers as well. 

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The program, developed in 2017 and launched in 2018 by West Oahu SWCD, is committed to providing consistent access to the training, experts, and resources that help farmers, ranchers, and landowners thrive.  Mahalo to UH CTAHR extension for their dedication and support as well as funders: Hawaii Department of Agriculture, Hartung Brothers Inc., Corteva, Bayer Inc., DR Horton, Pioneer Hybrid International, Ulupono, and others. 


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